girl lost – found in France!



Be inspired by Debby Woods’ French Riviera Odyssey

Take a Leap.

Whether you are looking for a new life or a new path, Debby will give you that push to take a leap. Her memoir is about an ordinary working wife, and mother, stressed by life’s responsibilities, and sinking beneath its weight. She found the time to pursue a dream that happened on an impulse. Her journey describes how a discounted ticket to French classes led to a home on the French Riviera. 

A new life • A new path

Little time and money with too many demands are not a deterrent.

I love true stories and this is one I highly recommend.

Debby wants a change and takes that first step; but also, has to talk herself to taking the next and… the next step.
Where does it lead? It leads to buying a home on the French Riviera!!
When Debby first checked out her new home, my thought was, “It was just sitting there waiting for her!”

Truth is better than fiction!

Thanks Debby… with Christmas around the corner, I ordered six books as a gift for sister, sister-in-law, and friends. Loved it!

Christine - Amazon customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!

Reviews on Amazon

girl lost-Found in France found this girl in need of a French fix. Even if one does not aspire to reside on the Riviera, Debby’s delightful and personal story is a warm and easy read. Personally, it provided me with additional inspiration to continue learning the French language and following my dream to spend more time in Nice. Francophiles, fans of France or, anyone who enjoys a well-written and true story, will enjoy this book.

Ella Dyer - Amazon customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Debby's delightful and personal story is a warm and easy read. Personally

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My French Riviera Odyssey

Her first book is, “girl lost – Found in France!” A memoir that chronicles her journey from taking French lessons, to owning an apartment in France. Her philosophy about travel is a prescription for expanding the mind and opening new dimensions for all. 
Her objective is to help everyone forge a template for travel; to take advantage of those few personal hours one might have on a business trip, or just being the accidental tourist. 

Debby takes you from being just an observer to an explorer.
While in the South of France, she writes and makes it a home-base for all her adventures.  


Traveling — it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.

-Ibn Battuta

Paradise Found!

Debby was born and raised in western New York, minutes away from Canada, and grew up on wholesome food and foreign movies. Those two words — food and foreign, formed a partnership long ago.  

Traveling as a youngster, she was limited to family road trips from New York to Florida, by car. Now-a-days, it’s by planes, trains, and on foot if she has to.

She’s passionate about traveling and finding the best food. Michelin starred restaurants are not on her radar, neither are hot dogs. She just wants healthy food to nourish the mind and body. 

The travel bug hit her just after high school where her first destination was Maui, Hawaii. Since then, she has been to 27 states, and 16 countries.  When she finds a place that she’s crazy about, she keeps going back to immerse herself on deeper level. 

While making up for lost time, she is currently based in Villefranche where she also does food tours.

You can find Debby at savvypassport where she chronicles her travels and food.