Bakhuy’s (Amsterdam Museum Day)

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The high-test fuel (from Bakhuys) I needed for the museum trek.

There are three complimentary museums (Van Gogh, Stedelijk, and Diamant) within sight of the Rijksmuseum, which is a good benchmark for your destination, especially if you are in Amsterdam for just a short time.

The museums which are your goal are a wonderful learning experience. Did you know that strolling the museum halls and gazing is concentrated brain activity, which will consume as much energy as a brisk walk? ─ So you need to eat!

Step 1

Getting there is a three step process. Step 1 ─ take the train to the Weesperplein stop. Go up the stairs and take either bus #7 or #10 to get to the Rijks Museum. But don’t get on the bus just yet…because you would be skipping the next step.

Bakhuys Eatery

Step 2 going to the Bakhuy’s eatery (Sarphatistraat 61) behind the bus stop. This is a unique patisserie-sandwich-soup-salad-pizza shop with a juice bar. It is semi self-service. If the food is not already-made, they bring your selection to your table. The personal size pizzas are fantastic, but as you are eating, you will see all the other items you missed ─ possibly you can come for a second visit. Cash only!

Bakhuys Eatery Pizza

The kitchen is behind a glass wall, and is entertainment in itself.  Even the owner pictured here was working just as hard as his employees.


The decor and seating are industrial, with soft lighting. At first, I thought the lights had a protective wire shield. Upon closer examination, they were larger whisks from industrial size mixers that had been wired as ceiling lamps.

I doubt these lamps are found online, probably one can find the whisks in a restaurant supply store. My husband now has another project on his list for my “must have lamp!”


Step 3

Walk out the door, and in front of you will be the bus stop, and you will be going down the street to your right. As you can now understand, Step 2 was obligatory… because when you rise from the bowels of the earth, from the subway, you have to orientate yourself. The eatery functioned perfectly, and rewarded me with the high-test fuel I needed for the museum trek. When you get on the bus you are five minutes from the museum stop.

Rijks - Bakhuys map

In conclusion:

The Rijksmuseum has been renovated and has an open feel that some museums lack. I came here several years ago when it was closed for their long ten-year restoration period. So I made a special trip to see Dutch art and the 131-year-old building. Some of the 400-year-old paintings are larger than the bi-plane in the 20th-century exhibit. My favorite was the early “airline seat” which would be my next beach lounge – if I could get one!

Enjoy the museums and BAKHUY’S!