Coastal walks ─ Free, no charge!

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Pack a lunch…get the flavor of sunshine, sea and beauty.

As you can see in the photo above, gorgeous mimosa is abundant on this coastal walk. You don’t even need a car. There are several walks, some easy and some difficult, especially if you have never experienced these seaside walks. The French word is Sentier Littoral ─ coastal footpath ─ walk ways between land and sea.

Rock along coastal

These walking paths are free and educational with signs posted at different junctions labeling the fauna and flora that inhabit the seabed. 


Dress appropriately. Take these essentials: good walking shoes, water, cell phone. Pack a lunch to really get the flavor of sunshine, sea and beauty. Besides the fresh air and scenery, you can stop anywhere along the way.

Always part of my routine

among the bush

My first invitation on a Sentier was at Cap d’Ail several years ago. It was sensational, much longer than I had planned on, but I did dress perfectly. It kick-started my trip and energized me as I soaked up the sun, and breathed healthy air. We ended up in Fontvieille, Monaco, at a wonderful Italian restaurant for lunch.

close to the edge

They are now part of my routine every time I come back. It’s easy, and great for the entire family.

Up coastal path

Well worth it…

Since my apartment is in Villefranche sur Mer, I default to a coastal walk very close by at Cap de Nice when time is scare. The bus stop is “Hopital Anglais” on the basse corniche. From there you will see the sign and the staircase leading to the sea.  It can be steep in places and rocky, but well worth it.


Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is a lovely peninsula that forms the harbor of Villefranche sur Mer where you can discover several coastal paths. Check with their office du Tourisme for maps in this area. I have not taken the really big one yet, three to four hours long, which wraps around to the lighthouse. It boasts of cacti and while herbs.

Port de la Darse

It ends up in the lovely Port de la Darse.

Most of the time when I am having lunch on Cap Ferrat, generally we walk on the path near Place David Niven, famous for a villa once called, Lo Scoglietto. Don’t miss this area if you are in town!