We are heading to the Da Vinci canals…a great walking area near the Milano Porto Genova train station. While standing on the corner, across from the station, we are trying to get our bearings. My feet are killing me! Forget that comfy dream sneaker that was so wonderful…they are now a nightmare. I could go barefoot right about now. My left foot is screaming.


With my peripheral vision there are comfy shoes dancing around in the store window behind us.


There is an array of pastels and tans, all looking pretty comfy. Sneakers, sandals and low-heels—no stiletto’s! The shoes were marked with prices you’d expect to pay for a good pair of shoes. Before I realized it…I was inside. Just to look, mind you, and sit down.

This is Milano…the fashion capital for clothing and shoes!

But this is an historical shoe boutique, where quality and comfort are the key feature—Think Danish and German for comfort, not necessarily Italian aesthetics.

Splurge on shoes for comfort…

When I was younger, I was taught that the cheapest item can be the most expensive. I don’t like to keep buying an item that won’t last. I have had a pair of Paul Green (German) dressy ankle boots for 15 years with no signs of wear. They are still my dream boots, and are the equivalent of getting 80,000 miles on a set of tires, always a smooth ride.


Inside this shoe shop, my first impression was the odd size and shape of the interior. After a few minutes I could focus my eyes, and find a pair of shoes with a wide toe box, and adjustable strap. Once I saw that they were German, I knew the maker was thinking of all-day comfort. They would definitely accommodate my schedule in this lovely canal area.

It’s my left foot!

This isn’t the first time I had to buy shoes and throw away the ones I was wearing.  I didn’t take a second pair with me, this will be an expensive day for me.

You see many years ago a Budweiser Clydesdale horse stepped on my left foot when I was working a broadcast remote in Hamburg, New York, while working for a radio station. No broken bones or fractures, just nerve damage, and I brushed it off for many years. That horse could have weighed anywhere from 1,500 – 2,500 lbs.

Size matters…

I have had hand-made insoles from a Podiatrist, but that means I have to wear a shoe size bigger, which doesn’t work well. So good shoes at my regular size feel better… and aren’t boat size!


What does “Prezzi Fissi” mean?

My shoe salesman, William (who spoke excellent English) climbed up the ladder and reached out for a box, over a prominent sign that read, “Prezzi Fissi”, and I had to ask him what it means, he said, “it means “no discount.” We laughed, yet it didn’t stop me from asking him, “if I buy two pair, can I have a discount!”  You know the answer, right?

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Maybe their secret to their longevity was no sales rack, and why the shoe store has been in business for over 110 years. The Prezzi Fissi sign works…

William showed me several sizes until one felt perfect, and looked good. I now did something I had never done before, I asked about the grey sneakers in the window. He found a pair and they were just right again. So I bought both pair. One for dress, one for walking.


While still seated, a well-dressed couple walked in, with their 3 black cocker spaniels. They were adorable and I tried to get a photo of them, slightly blurred, because of their constant motion like a wind tunnel, as they appeared  favored clients and walked into another room with selection of handmade shoes.


At the counter paying my bill, William showed me an odd pair of insoles with a bunch of bumps. He said, “these are reflexology and will massage your feet, don’t throw them out.” Wow, removable insoles for my sneakers.I wanted to keep the 2 shoe boxes for storage, but used one as a coffin for old shoes as I buried them in the waste basket next to counter.

Our canal walk was thoroughly enjoyable as I put my best foot forward in my new shoes!


I’m on the train now, did you know that little “piggies” can purr? Mine are!!

Splurge on comfy shoes

G.Turci P.le Staz. Porta Genova 3 Milano MI 20144 Italia