Èze Village is a gem of a perched village. Everyone is thrilled to come here, especially, if you have just only 4 hours in the Côte d’azur. I’ve been coming here for 18 years and the view never gets old. A hilltop cliff, or eagle’s nest, at 1,400 ft over the water—it’s perfect. Typical stone Medieval architecture dominates this well preserved village.

 Between Nice and Monaco

Map of Èze Village

Situated on the Moyenne corniche, which makes Èze Village easily accessible from Nice and Monaco with regular scheduled busses. There is also a parking lot if you come by car as we did this time. The Tourist Office is conveniently located as you make the ascent.

Upward at Èze Village

You will be up at the top in 15-20 minutes to see the panoramic view of St. Jean Cap Ferret, Èze sur Mer, and the Mediterranean Sea. Just look at the blue water replacing the mountain valley scene in my Entrevaux post.

Èze sur Mer

In addition to the village, visit the Jardin Exotic (€6) which is loaded with rare cacti, exotic plants, and sculptures of goddesses, by far, an exceptional view. Go there if it’s your first time.

Èze old ramparts

Fait Attention ici…

Caution is advised anywhere in Èze Village; it definitely can get slippery on the tiny (former donkey-cart) narrow streets. So wear good shoes. On my way down I waved to the huge tourist group as I was leaving, and wondered what the street would look like with 20 people walking together.

Chèvre d'Or at Èze Village

La Chèvre d’Or and 17th century Châteaux Eza (former resident of a Swedish Prince), are two hotels that I would never be able to afford (Michelin-starred). They have the best view facing the sea. Nevertheless, you can have lunch or a drink in the restaurant. Their garden is amusing to me with animal sculptures, terraced into the cliff. I get a slight glimpse of it on each visit.

If your goal is to have fabulous photos, then it’s worth the price of a drink to stand at the edge of this high class hotel, high up in the air.

Fountain at Èze Village

Multi nationalities came here…

Once again, the history (some bloodthirsty mercenaries) is made up of Celto-Ligurian, Phoenician, Dukes of Savoy, Moorish pirates and Romans. Even Turks! All before it became part of France in 1860.

They have plenty of great art galleries, craftsmen studio’s and boutiques. Think of it as an outdoor shopping mall in the sky. It’s well done, and not offensive here, all still authentic and charming!

What I love are the tiled rooftops; they can be seen in several areas when you are outside. Inside Le Nid d’Aigle (an inexpensive restaurant) is a fabulous view by the interior window. It’s my go-to-spot.

Check out the old Lanterns

What I noticed this time was that some of the lanterns were swapped out with new ones.

The old ones are beauties; so ornate and detailed. The news ones are disappointing. A waiter told me that theft happens!

Ornate Lantern at Èze Village

“Though the ground keeps me rooted, my mind is in the heavens” Frederic Nietzsche

Chemin de Nietzsche

If you are wearing sneakers, then give it a go on the Chemin de Nietzsche for your departure from Eze. You will be descending the other side of the mountain down to the Basse corniche and taking the train or bus home. Fait attention!  It’s a 60 minute adventure downhill.

Fig Tree growing at Èze Village

The ever present fig tree growing out of the stone…

The neo-classical Church, built in the 18th century, is part of the total landscape when seen from a distance. The interior is contrasted with the baroque interior designed by Italian architect Antonio Spinelli. The gold ochre color is one of my favorites in the South of France.

Church at Èze Village

There is a cemetery that intrigued me; either I wasn’t interested in it before, or maybe never went over in that direction.

There are still recent burials with ceramic wreaths decorating the graves.

The names here are what fascinate me, and they are more Italian than French. House of Fighiera 1862-2010.

Stone mosaic at Èze Village

...and who do you think made this pebbled mosaic?

Èze Village from the moyenne corniche

Indeed, Èze Village is easy to navigate. A true “postcard” village that is superb. Most of all, despite the cloudy day, it still is an exceptional town. At times, the weather is unpredictable here, so come early in the morning to get some good shots.

PSTo Catch a Thief was filmed on the bridge at Eze and The Transporter shot some action scenes here.