April 21, 2017 Alliance Française d’Atlanta

I was pretty nervous all day leading up to the event, and there were many sleepless nights beforehand.

Even a worry that I was going to get sick the day before or the day of. But once I got there, and saw some familiar faces that came through the door,

I was really excited, especially with a glass of wine during the “meet and greet.”

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

Fantasy became reality.

It had been a long time since I had done any public speaking, but looking at my audience with sweet smiles put me “in the moment,” to focus on the matter at hand, which was similar to friends coming over the house to see the “new baby!” Fantasy became reality.

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

Finishing the book was painful… delivery without an epidural!

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

I had dreamt of this night for years, and it was somewhat surreal for me.

Maybe I shouldn’t use the metaphor of childbirth (since it took me 16 years from start to finish), and instead, make it similar to my wedding day…. “are these people really here for me!”

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

Catherine introducing my book, “girl lost – found in France!

girl lost - Found in France!

Perhaps Mark was explaining the wine caves in France where they use a gas pump to fill your own bottle to take home, yes…gas station style!

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

The Q & A portion was easier than anticipated, as I had rehearsed this several times. The questions were some that I had asked myself over and over!

Attendees girl lost - found in France

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

Audience listening intently to which recipe was my favorite..


Earlier in the week, I was wondering how I would sign the books so I made a list of inscriptions; (signature phrase) thoughtful clips that matched one of the themes in my book.

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

This made signing the books easy and enjoyable. My best pen to write is Lamy, (German, of course) and when that runs out of ink, then my Pentel, which are my writing tools of choice.

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

Alliance Française gained a new member from the event.

I survived and, to my surprise, started to enjoy myself. In fact, I lingered with Catherine and Kristy way to long, possibly out of relief!

book signing "girl lost - found in France!

A big thank you to Catherine Thille, Director of Alliance Française of Roswell, for organizing the event and made the evening a great success. Also, Kristy Winkler, Educational director for Alliance Française in Midtown Atlanta.

I look forward to more book signings and meeting fans.

J’ai été touché par votre présence et que vous êtes venu à ma première signature de livre, surtout vendredi soir dans le trafic d’Atlanta. Merci beaucoup de faire ce soir une excellente expérience!