Recent Book Reviews

It was fun seeing you last night at your book signing, when I got home I started your book right away. Chapeaux! You’ve done a really good job, opening up your life so that readers can spot themselves sharing similar thoughts, if not actual deeds! You sure have given me plenty of food for thought as well as consumption!  (And now I see why my fried squash blossoms haven’t been quite right). You go, girl!

Mary Ellen

Interesting, easy reading, all about one of my very favorite places! Debby includes lots of information on food, favorite walks and foods (including recipes for preparing some of them yourself!), as well as entertaining the reader with information on how she discovered the charming Old Town that her home there overlooks. Refreshing, fun reading!


Imagine my delight when I found your book and was able to receive and read it within days of discovery. In addition to enjoying your story, seeing some common ground between us, it gave me a much-needed reminder of our time in France. Thank you for sharing your story; I intend to order your Father’s book as well. Should you be in the Atlanta area this summer and have time for a coffee I’d love to have you sign my book.


I envy the girl in ‘girl lost’ and was very touched by Debbie Woods honesty and longing. She shows huge courage and couriosity in her brave search for the right place for her in life, while getting back on her feet after many years of neglect. The writing is both inspiring and highly entertaining. Would love to assist mrs woods at her lunches in Nice. Coco