“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta 

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m Debby, and I was born and raised in western New York, minutes away from Canada. We grew up on wholesome food and foreign movies. Those two words—food and foreign, formed a partnership long ago. Traveling as a youngster was limited to family road trips from New York to Florida by car… that sometimes took four days. I have wonderful memories of visiting my relatives. Nowadays, it’s by planes and trains.

Food is at the top of my list

I’m passionate about traveling and want to share my experiences. This blog is only going to be about the good stuff, it’s not about grumpy people, or bad food. Good food with happy people are at the top of my list. Michelin starred restaurants are not on my radar and neither are hot dogs. (Although, I must confess to a Michelin starred donut in London..oops!) I just want fresh, tasty food that is healthy — it has to nourish my mind and fuel my body, so I try to eat the favorite foods of the locals wherever I go.

I have the most fun when I travel and discover restaurants by accident. A little serendipity can really make my day, and off the beaten path can be exciting. Many times I will take recommendations from a local person, rather than following a guide book.

The travel bug hit me just after high school, where my first destination was Maui…which led me to work in the travel industry for ten years and enjoyed many trips to twenty-five states in the US, and eighteen countries. My biggest journey was getting my Italian citizenship in 2011. Now, I feel at home on both sides of the Atlantic.

Read my story in Italy Magazine Share Your Italian Story: My Italian Citizenship 

Slow travel

When I find a place that I’m crazy about, I keep going back to dig deeper into the culture and cuisine. This has limited me somewhat in my travels, yet it has given me a richness and appreciation wherever I go. No need to be destination orientated, and I’m not in a rush…It’s all about slow travel.

I wrote a travel memoir called “girl lost — Found in France!” available at Amazon.com. Currently, I divide my time between Villefranche sur Mer, France, and the United States. You can find me at my blog, savvypassport, where I chronicle my travels of food, and share travel tips with personal stories…I’m happiest when I travel away from my comfort zone.

Hopefully, I can offer you tips along the way by sharing my travel stories. Not every trip is perfect, so just call it an adventure and keep going.


“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca