The “Line” Dance

by | May 17, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Take the agony out of waiting….do something.

As soon as we locate the ticket office, and before we look at the admission price, we rate the line or queue ─ for standing time. Lines have improved with entertainment, even numerous flat screen TV’s. There has to be more TV’s now, then people because they are everywhere. But there is still ─ the line.

The single queue is remarkably the best. It takes the pressure out of choosing the quickest line. If the line snakes, then your companions are always changing next to you. If you are in a long single line, you have people only in front of you or behind you. Talk to them ─ take a chance. Check out your camera settings, and if in doubt, ask the camera aficionado, hopefully,  next to you. (only if you see them with a DSLR camera). It’s a compliment and usually, questions are fulfilled.

Do Something!

If that doesn’t work out, then read the brochure and plan the attack on which venues you wish to see. This will be a great distraction for anticipation. If you are paired up with a companion, take turns scouting, or go use the toilet. Take the agony out of waiting….do something!

Anne Frank House

Last month, when I was at the Anne Frank House, attendants handed out brochures on what was current during the visit. I think the length of the pamphlet was perfectly timed for the line length, and fully acquainted me with the story behind the museum. Also, look at online booking and pre-book your ticket. (More to follow on the Anne Frank house).

Everyone has to wait!

Last of all, lose that watch. The only time you are wasting in line is looking at that emotionless face, every 60 seconds for any answers. So don’t take it personally, everyone has to wait.